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Status Code 0 is an exciting 36-hour hackathon event that brings together talented software developers to showcase their creativity and build innovative projects. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of categories or tracks, demonstrating their skills and ingenuity while collaborating with like-minded individuals. This event is the perfect opportunity for developers to challenge themselves, learn new skills, and create amazing products that have the potential to make a significant impact in the industry.

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Registration Begin

15 April 2023, 0000 hrs

Registration Closes

20 July 2023, 0000 hrs

Opening Ceremony

12 August 2023, 0900 hrs

Speaker session

12 August 2023, 1600 hrs

Mid Evaluation

13 August 2023 , 0000 hrs

Speaker Session

13 August 2023, 1000 hrs

Final Evaluation

13 August 2012, 1400 hrs

Closing Ceremony

13 August 2023 ,1600 hrs


In this track, participants work on developing software solutions related to healthcare and medicine. They might build applications that help patients manage their health, or tools that assist healthcare providers in diagnosing and treating patients.








  • Code of Conduct

    [1] Eligibility: Only participants who have registered for the hackathon are eligible to participate.
    [2] Code of Conduct: Participants must adhere to the code of conduct and anti-harassment policy during the event. Any violation of these policies may result in disqualification or expulsion from the event.
    [3] Original Work: All submissions must be the original work of the participants. Any plagiarism or use of copyrighted material may result in disqualification.
    [4] Teams: Participants may form teams of up to a certain number of members, usually specified in the rules. Teams may not exceed the specified limit, and participants may not be a member of more than one team.
    [5] Time Limits: There may be time limits imposed on certain aspects of the event, such as the length of the hackathon or the time allowed for presentations.
    [6] Judging Criteria: The judging criteria for the hackathon will be specified in the rules, including factors such as creativity, innovation, and technical skill.
    [7] Prizes: The prizes for the hackathon will be specified in the rules, along with any other relevant information about prize distribution.
    [8] Disqualification: The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant or team at their discretion, for any reason including but not limited to violation of the rules, code of conduct or anti-harassment policy, cheating or unethical behavior.
    [9] Liability: Participants are responsible for their own actions during the event, and the organizers are not liable for any injury, loss, or damage incurred during the event.

  • Guidelines for Hackers

    [1] Be respectful and courteous to your fellow participants, mentors, and judges.
    [2] Come prepared to work on a project and be open to collaboration.
    [3] Be willing to learn new skills and embrace new challenges.
    [4] Familiarize yourself with the hackathon theme and track that you are participating in.
    [5] Focus on creating a functional and innovative solution, rather than just finishing quickly.
    [6] Make sure to document your work and keep it organized throughout the hackathon.
    [7] Present your solution in a clear and concise manner during the final presentations.
    [8] Follow the hackathon's code of conduct and anti-harassment policy at all times.
    [9] Avoid using AI-generated code, such as ChatGPT or Copilot, to ensure that all work is original and created by you or your team.
    [10] Do not plagiarize or copy existing repositories or projects. While the use of open source resources is allowed, it's important to ensure that all code and ideas are original or properly attributed to their source.
    [11] Utilize open source tools and resources responsibly and ethically, respecting the licenses and permissions associated with them.

  • Guidelines for Mentors

    [1] Be available to provide guidance and support to the hackers throughout the hackathon.
    [2] Encourage and motivate the hackers to push their limits and achieve their best.
    [3] Share your expertise and help the hackers overcome any technical difficulties they may face.
    [4] Be open to answering questions and providing feedback on the hackers' solutions.
    [5] Encourage teamwork and collaboration among the hackers.
    [6] Follow the hackathon's code of conduct and anti-harassment policy at all times.

  • Guidelines for Judges

    [1] Familiarize yourself with the criteria for evaluating the solutions presented by the hackers.
    [2] Be impartial and fair in your evaluations, taking into account the creativity, functionality, and feasibility of each solution.
    [3] Be willing to ask questions and provide constructive feedback to the hackers during the final presentations.
    [4] Evaluate each solution based on its own merit and not the background of the participants.
    [5] Follow the hackathon's code of conduct and anti-harassment policy at all times.

  • Anti-Harassment Policy

    status_code_0 is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all participants, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, social class, economic status, or veteran status. The following behaviors are strictly prohibited at all status_code_0 events and in any online interactions related to the event:

    [1] Offensive verbal or written comments, including but not limited to comments related to the characteristics listed above.
    [2] Sharing sexual images or other materials.
    [3] Deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, or brigading.
    [4] Doxxing, or the publication of personal information without consent.
    [5] Harassing photography or recording.
    [6] Sustained disruption of talks or other events.
    [7] Inappropriate physical contact.
    [8] Unwelcome sexual attention.

    If you are being subjected to harassment or witness someone else being harassed, we encourage you to report the behavior to a status_code_0 representative. If you are unsure how to report the behavior, or if you need immediate assistance, please reach out to a status_code_0 representative on site.

    status_code_0 takes all reports of harassment seriously and will take appropriate action to address the situation. This may include, but is not limited to, a warning to the offender, or expulsion from the event with no eligibility for reimbursement or refund of any type.

    All participants, including sponsors, judges, mentors, volunteers, organizers, and status_code_0 staff, are subject to this anti-harassment policy.

    By participating in a status_code_0 event, you agree to follow this anti-harassment policy and to make a good-faith effort to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment for all participants.

    Note: This policy is not exhaustive and status_code_0 reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.


  • What is team size to participate ?

    You can participate individually or in teams of 2 or 3. If you are participating in the hackathon individually and looking for a team, we will help you in connecting to other individual participants to get you a team.

  • Will the hackathon be in person or online?

    The Status Code 0 hackathon will be conducted in complete offline/in person mode.

  • How much is participation fees?

    Participation is absolutely free inclusive of resources.

  • What are prerequisites to participate in this hackathon ?

    No prerequisites are needed. Even a novice can excel in this event.

  • How to register?

    Register your team @ .

  • What is the venue of Status Code 0 ?